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KELLY WANG     王 佳 怡


b. 1992 in New York, lives and works in New York.

Wang's work examines and redefines Asian American identity, pushing the boundaries of what ink painting can be. Her visual and conceptual practice is rooted in story telling, Asian art history, poetry, and psychology. Growing up in a family with a history of collecting and connoisseurship, the artist has been exposed to Chinese art since early childhood. She earned an MA in Art History from Columbia University and a BA in Art History from CUNY Hunter College. Kelly has been experimenting with calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting practices and techniques since 2010 while developing her own artistic practice. She has lectured about Chinese art (traditional and modern) and Western abstract painting at CUNY Hunter College.

An intercultural and multidisciplinary artist, Wang combines contemporary and pre-modern materials and approaches to create works incorporating collage, mixed media, painting, sculpture, found objects, installation, and works that hover between two and three dimensions. Wang's unconventional, pioneering techniques push the boundaries of what "ink art" can be. Five of her works were acquired by Princeton University Art Museum, where she had a solo exhibition entitled "Between Heartlands: Kelly Wang" at Princeton's gallery project space, Art@Bainbridge, in 2022. She has exhibited at the Asia Society Houston in 2023 and China Institute NY in 2024. Her work has also been collected by the Asian Art Museum San Francisco and Washington & Lee University Art Museum.

Wang's works were published in Arts of Asia (Summer 2023 edition), Princeton's Art & Archaeology Newsletter, Fall 2018. Her works have been sold at auction at Christie's Hong Kong in November 2019 and December 2020.


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