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Cloud Dragon Collage


Works in the Cloud Dragon series are created via dialogue between traditional and contemporary materials through an unconventional and unpredictable approach. Before the works are created, the artist makes the raw materials, which are 雲龍 (cloud dragon) papers soaked in various tones of ink wash. These papers are then randomly torn and assembled onto the surface of a panel in a collage. After the initial collage is made, Wang responds to the composition with a layer of pigment suspended in resin. This process continues on within a single work, with sometimes five or more layers of resin. The final work is the culmination of a conversation between ancient materials, chaotically handled, with industrial chemical substances. Sometimes reminiscent of landscape, these semi-abstract works seek to capture the ineffable timeless atmosphere of 山水 while also relating to the artist's identity as a scholar of ancient Chinese paintings who lives and works in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Power in Numbers

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