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Everything And Nothing Happens At One Moment In Time


Wang's first large scale site-specific installation, "Everything and Nothing at One Moment in Time" (2024) is a reflection on modern and ancient landscapes. Inspired by the speed, motion, and energy of Manhattan, Wang was drawn to the grids of lines that exist everywhere in New York City, especially the steam-filled gratings and metal subway tracks that converge in the financial district- where China Institute is located.

"Everything and Nothing at One Moment in Time" is a landscape crafted from stainless-steel fiber and aluminum wire. Wang hangs twisted strands of xuan paper as a visual analogy to the diagram of streets and avenues of the city, as well as the multiple perspectives and dimensions that are unique to the experience of viewing ancient landscape paintings.

“Compressing time, a light slowly moves behind the sculpted landscape, projecting its silhouette onto the suspended xuan paper strings and the wall behind them. A sculpture projected onto another sculpture, one’s absence becomes another’s presence, the past and present seamlessly flow together in an expression of the ever changing, flickering dance between the history of art and our own lived experience- shanshui journeys through time, being everywhere and nowhere, everything and nothing.” These numerous suspended forms cast overlapping shadows on the wall: solid yet empty forms that move and change like the landscapes of her mind.

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